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about us

High Cascade Printing began when we still had darkrooms, phototypesetting and metal printing plates. We have had a front row seat for all the changes our Print and Graphics industry has been through. Throughout this journey we have kept up with the technology that was needed and stayed away from the rest. When putting that knowledge to use with your print project we make sure you get what you need and avoid what you don’t.



At High Cascade Printing we have over the years offered quite a variety of specialties to our clients. Including offset printing, letterpress, and even “10 cent copies” for a short time, very short. While most of our work has been produced "in shop". We have never been afraid to work with the various printers, bindery houses and specialty shops around the northwest and across the nation to get you the best product available. Our focus has always been on delivering a quality product that accomplishes its purpose.



As we work with you to put in print what you want, we mostly listen. After all You are the one with the most information and knowledge about your business. You have to tell us what your company needs and then we work together to accomplish it. We are confident that working together we can create a project that will accomplish your goals and many times more.


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Since 1982 to the present we have been accomplishing goals, solving problems and successfully navigating the business climate we found in front of us. For answers to your questions please call or email Tim at High Cascade Printing.