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At High Cascade Printing we have worked with many different clients over our 30 plus year history. Many of these companies were just starting out years ago and we can look at some very successful firms now knowing the part we played in their growth. As we referred to elsewhere on our site, we can bring quite a variety of products and talents together to work with you. Please, ask us we have most likely been involved with a client at some point producing just what you need at this time.

As we work with you to put together exactly what you want, we have always looked at the people we work for and every time remind them that You are the one with the most information and knowledge about your business, so don't be afraid tell us what you want, what your company needs at this time and then let us work together with you to accomplish it. We are confident that working together we can create a project that will accomplish your goals and many times more.


At High Cascade Printing we think that our 32 years in business

      makes us one of the better choices for your printing projects . . .

  Oh and please ask us about those other ideas that you have,

               we may surprise you with our answer.