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At High Cascade Printing we have over the years offered quite a variety of specialties to our clients. We have worked with offset presses, letterpress, and even offered 10 cent copies for a short time, very short. Our focus has always been on delivering a quality product that accomplishes its purpose. While most of our work has been produced "in shop", we have never been afraid to work with the various printers, bindery houses and specialty shops around the northwest and across the nation to get you the best product available.

We have always been able to finish your project with folding, cutting, numbering and more. While printing can mean just letterhead, envelopes and business cards, we have always felt the need to offer more. When one couple we worked for needed over 50,000 and occasionally up to 100,000 specialty envelopes we searched and found them. In addition we were able to help store and inventory them when the need arose. When another client was in need of "Sales Guides" - we produced the pages, found professional divider tabs and custom 3-ring binders - assembled them and made them ready to ship around the country.

Each and every project we work on with you will be taken care of professionally, always with an eye toward quality and every now and then some good fun.

At High Cascade Printing we think that our 32 years in business

      makes us one of the better choices for your printing projects . . .

  Oh and please ask us about those other ideas that you have,

               we may surprise you with our answer.